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Our humble abodeBELOW THE LINE PRODUCTION SUPPLY was founded in September 2015 by production folk who have more than 35 years combined working production in NYC and the surrounding areas. We understand that each and every shoot is different and presents a variety of new challenges. This is what we love most about production, and we’re excited to help you navigate through, from prep to martini!

Whether you’re shooting a major or a low-budget indie, an episodic TV series or a 1-day commercial, we’ve got everything that you and your crew need to make it happen all in one place. Best of all, our prices are the absolute lowest available in New York — we will not be beat!

At BELOW THE LINE, you’re always going to get the right products, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and the best prices in town!

Whether you’re a production manager trying to save your budget from a dip in the contingency, a production coordinator who has just received expendables lists from the key grip, gaffer and 1st AC the night before pickups, or an office PA trying to source something you’ve never heard of, we’re here to help.

Call us to save yourself time, money, and stress. We’ll clarify the confusing lists and have your orders prepped and ready to go in no time, all at a price that cannot and will not be beat!

The hardest working people in show business need the right supplies to get the job done, and we’ve got everything you need all in one place. We’ll pack your order with care so that you don’t have to waste any time rummaging through disorganized or unlabeled boxes.

We’ve got all of the basic needs on your list covered, but feel free to reach out if there’s something in particular you want or if you’d like further information on something and we’d be happy to help out.

When a client is shooting on your stage, they expect you to have answers to all of their needs ‐ we’re here to help you! We work closely with stages and the production teams hiring them to provide full expendables packages as well as any location rental equipment they need. We’ll work with production directly (so you don’t have to deal with back-and-forth of changing lists) and will deliver the order so your clients can walk in and start shooting.

If you’d like to discuss our prep and delivery service further, please send us an email.

There’s never enough money for production but on low budget, ultra-low budget, and student projects, funds are especially tight — we get this! BELOW THE LINE is dedicated to making expendables and rentals work at any budget level, so please don’t think all is lost. Send over your list and we’ll figure out a way to make it work, and will absolutely give you the same quality of service as any of the larger projects.